About Christian

  • Master Trainer in Soft Skills & Behavioral Training

  • Organizational Intervention Expert Facilitator

  • Experienced Life & Leadership Coach

  • Global Head in HR Development

When it comes to leadership Christian is a passionate person to talk to and discuss with. With almost 30 years of experience in that field there surely is plenty to look at. Having served as an Officer in the German army Christian dealt with young future leaders and taught them about all there is in leading people. The basics from his knowledge come from both academic background (Christian studied educational science and psychology of learning) and own various experience.

He was with several companies, including smaller family-held enterprises up to world-wide concerns with thousands of employees. Christian has always worked with people and dealt with their personal development. Thus he worked out concepts for programs and guided and accompanied individuals in very individual situations. He so became both coach and mentor.


Working in HR he also has deep knowledge about social issues and how they affect systems and organizations. Christian held various positions and got to know different cultures. In different environments he worked both strategically and on a very operational level.

He does all kind of sports, mainly running and hiking through nature. As a former swimmer and soccer player he also knows about individual and team-oriented topics in terms of mental strength, fighting inner voices, exceeding and overcoming individual boundaries and growing by trying hard.

For over ten years Christian also lectures on different universities. His topics there include HR, leadership and social skills. He passes on theoretical and practical knowledge about all around the challenges around working with people. Christian held speeches on various occasions and gave workshops and training outside his usual working area. And he is deeply convinced that you simply have to love people to successfully work with them!