About Eva

  • Certified Business Trainer & Coach, Online Live Trainer and a licensed Practitioner for Insights Discovery,® a behavioral assessment tool to understand personal and team behavior in life and the workplace.

  • Professional Co-Active Coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute. CTI is one of the leading institutions in the coaching industry, and is recognized by the International Coaching Federation.

  • M.A. in Intercultural Personnel Development and Organizational Communication with a focus on organizational psychology and cultural studies. 

Eva is a certified Business Trainer and CTI Coach with 7 years’ experience in international talent and leadership development in the corporate environment (Manufacturing industry).


Eva is an enthusiast for people, diversity, health, resilience & mindfulness, cultural transformation, personal development and lifelong learning. She's committed to helping organisations to develop the next generation of mindful leaders and global high performance teams.  With her global mind-set, she facilitates workshops, team development and individual coaching sessions all over the world face-to-face and virtually in German, English and Portuguese.


Eva works with international companies who are aiming at creating better business results and understand that the foundation lies in attracting, identifying and developing the right people. Her workshops and coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the organization and she creates highly engaging, fun and interactive learning experiences.


Eva also support individuals through life coaching, especially in quarter-life-transitions, to build an extraordinary life. With her empathy and vulnerability, Eva easily connects to people through building trust, grasping their uniqueness, and understanding their strengths and struggles in life. She strongly believes that through getting to know ourselves better, learning what drives us, and building our work, relationships, health, and finances according to our unique values, we can live a fulfilled life. 

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