Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching methodologies assures to improve coachee’s resilience and affinity to change. Our ICF-certified coaches have proven history of successful and result oriented sessions on dilemma coaching, coaching for great decisions, relationship coaching, Executive leadership coaching, coaching for upskilling, etc.

Our Coaching Methodology

  • We utilize transactional analysis and neurolingusitic techniques to create an environment of trust and openness where the coachee can confide and drive their own solutions with complete ownership.

  • We usually take 06-10 sessions of 1-2 hours each, depending on the coachee's developmental areas.

  • 1-2 sessions are towards setting up goals for the coachee by using methods of mining, refining, defining and shining.

  • From session 3-8, it's the time to finalize and execute strategies and actions which the coachee has committed to. These sessions are extremely transformational and transactional in nature as the coachee progresses towards set goals.

  • Session 9-10, are towards revisiting the growth path and celebrating accomplishments. It's also to create strategies to lead life with changed mindsets.

These sessions can be face-to-face / telephonic / online, as per mutual agreement with coachee.The sessions are spaced 3-4 weeks apart so that execution of action gets its due time.

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