Soft Skills Enhancement

75 % of success now is dependent on 25% of one’s technical agility only, rest is personal effectiveness. And it is also being said that what brings you here, wont take you there. Hence, it is utmost important for an individual to invest in soft skill enhancements. Our professional trainers and facilitators will help you to ace the people skills and thus facilitate in accelerating your leadership journey.

Following programs are our best sellers:

Influence Without Authority

This topic will cover the problem of - How to have a win-win negotiation without Discounting/offending the other person. This usually happens when both the parties are equally strong- Knowledge or power wise. Concepts of Life Positions, Situational Leadership and Personalities at work will be the essence of the workshop.


Ego To Ego- A Classic Communication

Under this, the major focus is to create an awareness of self through concepts of Ego stages and its display at work. After the session, participants are expected to have a lot of reflections on self and others behavioural patterns. They will now be able to correlate and hence be empathetic towards each other. This usually works where organizations have high score in achievement orientation but low on conducive culture.


Conflict Management & Team Dynamics

What happens when a new person joins in or a person leave a team, Emotional patterns Vs Task patterns during team stages will be talked about. Adding a neurological perspective of conflict and how to resolve them better will be simulated. After the session, participants are expected to be more reflective towards their own patterns of creating and resolving conflicts. Few hand-holding sessions are highly recommended as to sustain these reflections and implementing those changes at actual.

Leaders as Coaches

Concepts of Coaching team Vs managing team, Create Model Vs TAPS model, What happens to the brain when you advise vs Guide someone. What are power conversations, How high stake communications should be dealt at. A good amount of simulations, in-basket exercises will be dealt.

Feed-Forward in Project Management

Concepts of Feedback Vs Feed-Forward, How to sustain project in progressive state managing both tasks & emotions at regular pace. Neurological perspective of projects and milestones. Over-communication patterns and Pros & Cons in relation to organizational culture will be touched upon.


Human Process Labs

This program facilitated by few certified T-Lab facilitators who are adept in bringing lots of awareness and cleansing in people's internal thought processes. An intensive Transactional Analysis concepts are used with emphasis on Emotional Stamping, Life scripts, Psychological mind games and how to create autonomy for self are some of the highlights of the session.


Team Building

How we relate to self, automatically reflects on -how we relate with others. Using large group simulation practices and energy-filled outbound activities, participants are expected to internalize dynamics of team and a personalized action plan to create a high-performing team are few take away from the session.

First Time Managers

“If you are able to inspire others by your own actions, you are a leader!”; many a time corporates have aspiring managers who needs to be well groomed and prepared for the upcoming changed expectations and deliverables. Our “First-time Managers” program is one-of-its-kind research oriented sessions which entails attitudinal shifts focusing towards- creative thinking and problem solving and lead for success as concepts.

Training Programs We Conduct:

  1. Interpersonal Communication Skills

  2. Selfie With Success

  3. Emotional Intelligence at workplace

  4. Train The Trainers

  5. Managerial Effectiveness

  6. Transformational Team Working

  7. Supervisory Development Program

  8. Situational Leadership Skills

  9. Effective Time Management

  10. Positive Thinking & Relationship Management

  11. Professional Customer Service

  12. Professional Excellence

  13. Enhance Your Effectiveness

  14. Performance Excellence

  15. Talent Management

  16. OD Interventions

  17. Spoken English

  18. Creative Thinking & Innovation

  19. Winning Attitude

  20. Effective Public Speaking

  21. Personal Effectiveness

  22. Negotiation Skills

  23. Interview & Group Discussion Skills

  24. Change Management

  25. Facilitation Skills

  26. Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

  27. Human Process Labs-T-Lab Facilitation

  28. Planning For Winning (Students Career Counselling)

  29. Managerial Competencies

  30. Work-Life-Balance

  31. Mentoring & Coaching

  32. Life & leadership Coaching