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Looking For An Effective Employee Assistance Program?


Achieve business growth with our ROI-centric training programs that have a proven-record of increasing productivity of participants.

Soft Skills Enhancement

Create high-performing teams by empowering them with people-skills. Use our power-sessions to improve participants' interpersonal skills effectively within three months.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our mentoring and coaching programs are specifically crafted and curated to enable our participants to achieve break-through success in their career. Get your employees coached by NLP, NLI & ICF certified coaches and mentors from India and abroad, using scientific models and methodologies.

Employee Engagement

Give your business a competitive edge with an engaged and collaborative workforce that results in an enhanced customer experience. Select from our range of innovative team building techniques and options, and implement them to break the monotony.

Domain-specific Training

Improve technical competencies & skill-sets by attending our domain-specific training sessions, especially curated to your job function & industry, imparted by verified and certified industry experts from various fields.

Onboarding & Orientation

The crucial opportunity to align your new hires to organizational values, vision & mission, should not be compromised. Our On-boarding programs helps create a long-lasting impression on new recruits.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Improve your marketing and sales pipeline with integrated digital marketing campaigns. Get trained by certified inbound and digital marketing experts with more than a decade of industry experience in B2B marketing - from strategy formulation to implementation and monitoring.



Top Three Reasons To Choose Us


We customize the training to meet your specific objectives by ensuring that practically applicable, relevant and job-specific content is delivered


We diagnose your challenges using best-in-class tools and techniques and industry experts. These reports can be further used as internal benchmarking


Complete hand-holding sessions ensure that the insights brought in during the training are sustained in the form of post-training follow-ups


About TrainTheta

Exclusive Soft Skills Training Programs

TrainTheta is a consulting and leadership development center that excels at resolving cultural challenges of a business through executive Business Coaching, Life Coaching, HR Assessment, Leadership Breakthroughs and Soft Skill Training. We work extensively with industry leaders, and young minds in educational institutions, enabling them to become better decision-makers and deliver business and life results.


An institute of learning, inspired by charismatic neural power of brain and its need to get that One Correct Alignment through simple life ways - is our success mantra so far. We keep our deliveries extremely customized and back it up with extensive research and data-analysis.  - one of the primary reasons why our workshops are relevant to each participant. Throughout the journey of an intervention, our support team constantly stays in touch with the client and ensures a successful project completion. We understand and appreciate the art of adult learning and imbibe each of its threads in our modules. Measuring effectiveness of a behavioral intervention might become a tedious challenge for businesses. That's why our master trainers and facilitators ensure to facilitate them in achieving their goals objectively.

A team of human enthusiasts, cultural change agents and master coaches will help you understand your most aligned way to perceive unfavorable situations.

Meet Our Team



  • Priyanka on Linkedin

Disruptive Leadership Facilitator, Life Coach & Mentor in Behavioral & Soft Skills Training



  • Eva on Linkedin

Co-Active Coach and Business Trainer, Expert Talent & Leadership Programs



  • Christian on Linkedin

Master Soft Skills & Behavioral Trainer for Business Organizations and Educational Institutions 

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